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NicBase VG - Nicotine Shot

  • £399

NicBase VG - Nicotine Shot

Ingredients: VG (100%). 
Available in 18mg/ml nicotine strength.
Pure vegetable glycerine (VG)(CAS No.:56-81-5).
All ingredients tested and certified by accredited EU laboratory.


Bottle 10ml PET transparent material with tamper proof and childproof cap.
- Safety closure cap: childproof – tamperproof
- Thin 9mm dropper for easy application. Dropper complies with TPD regulation.
- Warning triangle sign on cap top

Box for 10ml NicBase fully comply with TPD regulations and contains:
- Warning pictograms
- Contradictions and precautions
- Ingredients list
- Contact details of manufacturer
- Health warning: visible on two biggest planes of the individual packaging, takes up 30% of packaging .

How to use NicBase?

Low strength NicBase can be used immediately as either unflavoured e-liquid or can be mixed with your favourite flavours, and after steeping you're ready to go.

High strength NicBase can be used as above, but can also be dilulted to lower your nicotine levels, example below:

50ml E-Liquid 0mg + 10ml NicBase 18mg = 60ml E-Liquid at 3mg/ml
20ml E-Liquid 0mg + 10ml NicBase 18mg = 30ml E-Liquid at 6mg/ml
10ml E-Liquid 0mg + 10ml NicBase 18mg = 20ml E-Liquid at 9mg/ml