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Bavarian Cream (Real Flavors)

Bavarian Cream (Real Flavors)

  • £349

Real Flavors Bavarian Cream

  • Bavarian cream is a classic 19th-century dessert, made from a rich eggy custard that has been mixed with whipped cream and stiffened with gelatin. The result is a tasty treat with a pudding-like texture. Want some? You could make the trip to Bavaria, with its snow-capped peaks…but now you won’t have to. This indulgent flavor will take you there.
  • Concentrated food grade flavouring - Not to be used without diluting.
  • Recommended/Starting Percentage: 8-12%. Personal taste and high VG mixes may require more.
  • VG Based Flavour
  • Natural Flavouring - No added PG, dyes, sugar or alcohol
  • Imported direct from Real Flavors and re-bottled by Wizard Vapes