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Custard (Flavorah)

Custard (Flavorah)

  • £399

FLV Custard

Sans vanilla, this custard is the eggy cream.  You might get lost without the vanilla notes, but if a plain custard is needed it can be a very useful tool.  Not likely to be your standalone shake and vape, but when you use custard as a  base note to add depth, and don't need the dominant effects of the vanilla, then this is a better option.       

  • Highly Concentrated Flavoring for mixing at 3-5% solution  
  • Contains zero nicotine 
  • GRAS listed food grade flavoring 
  • Non-Flavoring ingredients: Propylene Glycol and Ethyl Alcohol

Imported directly from Flavorah and rebottled by Wizard Vapes in the UK.