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Dot Pro Refill Pods (Vampire Vape Lemon Pie)

Lemon Pie - Dot Pro Refill Pods (Vampire Vape)

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Sweet Lemon Pie is a zesty flavoured dessert liquid with a sweet baked pastry undertone.

The DOT PRO Pods contain nicotine salt, which is a variation of nicotine traditionally found in e-liquids. This creates a smoother vape for the higher strength of e-liquid. DOT PRO Pods come in 20mg/ml strength and twelve different flavours.

The DOT PRO pods have incorporated an industry-leading mesh honeycomb ceramic core that has a high absorption rate, evenly heating e-liquid through its thousands of honeycomb micropores. This new upgraded coil system creates a consistent and smooth vape with pure intense flavour.

The DOT PRO prefilled pods are only compatible with the DOT PRO Vape Kit and are NOT compatible with the existing DOT Device. They should not be altered or modified to work with any other device as we cannot guarantee the safety of any other device used. The pods cannot be opened and should not be tampered with to avoid leaking. If the blister pack has been opened or damaged, do not use. As the pods are not refillable, they should be replaced when e-liquid is no longer visible or there is less vapour production than normal. All pods are marked with the flavour, strength, batch number and expiry date.

The Dot Pro offers an effortless vaping experience with air-driven capabilities that allow the user to activate the device by inhaling on the mouthpiece. Start your vaping journey with ease, just Dot it!

Liberty Flights & Vampire Vape Prefilled Pods
- Award-winning Flavours
- 20mg Nic Salts
- 2ml E-liquid Capacity
- Magnetic Base for Easy Installation
- Honeycomb Mesh Core
- 1.1ohms Coil

Replacement Pod Pack Contents
- 2 x 2ml Nic Salt E-liquid Prefilled Pod