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Capella SilverLine Flavour Pack (Capella SilverLine)

Capella SilverLine Flavour Pack (Capella SilverLine)

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Capella SilverLine Flavour Pack

Can't decide which flavour you'd prefer?

Save money by buying all 16 flavours in our discounted flavour pack.

10ml bottle of each flavour:

27 Bears
27 Fish
Apple Snacks
Black Currant
Blueberry Extra
Butter Pecan
Candied Watermelon
Cinnamon Sugar
Crunchy Frosted Cookie
Fruit Circles
Rainbow Candy
Tropical Fruit Punch
Whipped Marshmallow

  • Concentrated Flavoring for mixing at +/- 5% solution  
  • Made in the USA by Capella

Imported directly from Capella and rebottled by Wizard Vapes in the UK.


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