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Iced Frappe Flavour Concentrate (Vampire Vape)

Iced Frappe Flavour Concentrate (Vampire Vape)

  • £999

Vampire Vape's Iced Frappe Flavour Concentrate 

The hipsters favourite chilled bevvy. Kick back with this crushed ice and coffee infused mix, topped of with whipped cream and a hint coco powder topping. You'll be wondering how you ever got that taste without the use of a famous green straw. 

PG Based Flavour Concentrate to be used only in E-Liquid. Dilute to suit user, between 10-20% depending on required flavour strength

All flavours made from the highest quality ingredients and made in the UK in a clean room from creation to bottling. All come with batch numbers and expiry dates. Sample liquids held for future testing to ensure the highest quality product. If it doesn’t pass QC it doesn’t go out the door

As a flavour concentrate this is not intended to be vaped on its own