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Kuro Concepts Koiler

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This fantastic cloned version of the Kuro Concepts Koiler, the new tool everyone's talking about.

It will help you wind perfect coils every time.

You will receive a full set of three coil winders:

CW-20 (Blue) for 2.0mm coils
CW-25 (Red) for 2.5mm coils
CW-30 (Purple) for 3.0mm coils

Please note that this latest version of the Kuro Koiler has two winding screws - remove one (the spare) before use. It also features a non-removable centre pin - no more problems loosing the pin or the tiny screw that held it in place).

It will wind coils using wire ranging from 20 to 28 gauge.  Use the screw in hole number 1 for 26 gauge or thinner, and the screw in hole number 2 for thicker than 26 gauge wire.

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