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Marshmallow (Flavorah)

Marshmallow (Flavorah)

  • £399

FLV Marshmallow 

The jet puffed flavor you get just after opening a fresh bag of marshmallows.  It can make your head spin with the delight of childhood.  That flavor that is so hard to capture and so fleeting as the marshmallow inevitably becomes a caramelized mass of gooey sweetness.  This is the dry, powdery fluff that you experienced just before you plunged your Swiss army sharpened stick through the heart of the mallow.

  • Highly Concentrated Flavoring for mixing at 1.5-2% solution 
  • Contains zero nicotine 
  • GRAS listed food grade flavoring 
  • Non-Flavoring ingredients: Propylene Glycol and Ethyl Alcohol

Imported directly from Flavorah and rebottled by Wizard Vapes in the UK.