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Mint (Real Flavors)

Mint (Real Flavors)

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Real Flavors Mint

  • Mint is one of the oldest and most popular flavors in the world. A strongly scented perennial herb, mint has a warm, fresh, modestly-sweet fragrance with a cooling menthol aftertaste. Known for its green color, it is used in teas, desserts, drinks, medicines, candies, savory dishes and more. This Mint flavor is fresh, natural and guaranteed to please.
  • Concentrated food grade flavouring - Not to be used without diluting.
  • Recommended/Starting Percentage: 8-12%. Personal taste and high VG mixes may require more.
  • VG Based Flavour
  • Natural Flavouring - No added PG, dyes, sugar or alcohol
  • Imported direct from Real Flavors and re-bottled by Wizard Vapes