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Sourade (Vampire Vape Shortz)

Sourade (Vampire Vape Shortz)

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Sourade is an intense flavour that truly captures the ripeness of the lemon with a sharp sour kick.
The blended citrus liquid is a brilliant choice for those with a hankering for all things sour.
The zest of the lemon perfectly hangs in balance with the bite of the sourness giving a nice throat hit with every vape.  Combine this with the burst of lemon with each hit, your taste buds will be sent into a flurry as you experience the tantalising fresh and fruity oomph.
Sourade comes in a 70VG/30PG blend which is ideal for intermediate or advanced kits.  
Do not use with starter kits as the high VG is more suitable for larger devices.
This 75ml shortfill bottle comes with 50ml of e-liquid, perfect for adding nicotine if desired.
For a 3mg nicotine base e-liquid we recommend adding one nicotine shot and for 6mg we recommend 2 and a half nicotine shots.