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Strawberry Watermelon IVG Bar Plus+ (IVG)

Strawberry Watermelon IVG Bar Plus+ (IVG)

  • £399
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A summer sensation you won’t want to put down, with the sweet taste of watermelon slices paired with handpicked strawberries fresh from the field.


The Next Generation in Vape Devices

Following the massive success of the IVG Bar, we are proud to announce the IVG Bar Plus +, a bleeding edge disposable vape device that boasts 800 puffs whilst maintaining maximum flavour and satisfaction.

Up to 800 Puffs

This disposable device can vape up to 800 puffs in 22 flavours.

New Ergonomic Design

Updated cylinderical shape with new rubber grip technology and a new ergonomic food grade mouth piece for a more comfortable experience.

Pure Cobalt mAh Battery

Long lasting pure cobalt mAh battery to improve the duration of your vape.

2ml Award Winning E-Liquids

Pre-loaded with 2ml of our award winning premium e-liquids.

Nic Salts

2% (20mg) Salt Nicotine for a smoother inhalation. Perfect for those looking to
make the switch from smoking.

Hybrid Airflow


New Hybrid airflow system, offering the ultimate nicotine delivery and flavour consistently with every puff.