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Sugar Orchid (Flavorah)

Sugar Orchid (Flavorah)

  • £499

FLV Sugar Orchid

Floral vanilla notes with a powdered sugar sweetness and candy-shell-like note.  Take all the sweet, fruity, suggary notes you remember walking into a candy store as a kid, and this flavor will capture that moment. A strong and compelling candy back ground note, similar but more germaine than our FLV Candy Roll.    "Sugar Orchid" is something very unique, and an absolute necessity if you are working on fruits and candy flavors with smooth vanilla flavor tones.

  • Highly Concentrated Flavoring for mixing at 0.25-3% solution  
  • Contains zero nicotine 
  • GRAS listed food grade flavoring 
  • Non-Flavoring ingredients: Propylene Glycol and Ethyl Alcohol

Imported directly from Flavorah and rebottled by Wizard Vapes in the UK.